Prof.Dr.Fuat İPEKÇİ

Mardin Sehidiye Mah. born; Father; From İPEKÇİ, Mother; He is a graduate of Diyarbakır Cumhuriyet primary school, Ali Emiri secondary school, and ZİYA GÖKALP high school from Hacı Kasım Efendi (YÜCESOY).

MEDICAL DOCTOR from Istanbul Medical Faculty;

“SURGERY SPECIALIST” from DİYARBAKIR DICLE Faculty of Medicine (1981)

In TRAUMATOLOGY at the Faculty of Medicine before 12 September; Hundreds of surgeries in the branches of EMERGENCY / TRAUMATOLOGY, BRAIN and PEDIATRIC SURGERY, Plastic Surgery, in cases of firearms and cutting, penetrating instrument injuries, blunt and head traumas (since there is no Neurosurgery department) as there is no PEDIATRIC surgery, here is a breast cancer specialization thesis.

In 1985-87, he studied “Gastroenterology Surgery” at the Faculty of Medicine, Greonoble University, France, and worked on automatic cutting and sewing tools called “STAPs” and Prolene patch surgeries.

1987-92 Kartal Education and Research. 1. Surgery and EMERGENCY surgery service manager and surgical specialist training

Receiving the title of SURGICAL ASSOCIATION from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1988, Ist.Tip.Fak. Appointment in Hepato-Panctreatco-Biliary surgery, numerous surgeries here

1992-97 S.S.K Okmeydanı Education and Research Hospital Lecturer. As an officer, he performed many “ONCOLOGIC SURGERY” operations, especially breast, stomach, esophagus, liver, pancreas and COLO-RECTAL cancers, and hundreds of hernia operations with the “Prolene Hernia system” and “RUTKOW” technique.

1998-2004 Chief Physician and Clinical Chief of Göztepe Training and Research Hospital. Here in Turkey, firstly, to get the “ISO” certificate in education and service and to train surgical specialist assistants like other training hospitals. Making S.S.K Göztepe Hospital an exemplary hospital in Turkey.

2004-2008 “CLINIC CHIEF” at Izmir Bozyaka Education and Research Hospital

2008-2018 İzmir Health Care. University Tepecik Faculty of Medicine (Training and Research Hospital)” CLINIC CHIEF”, ACADEMIC MEMBER, EDUCATION RESPONSIBLE

Surgical GASTROSCOPY – COLONOSCOPY, Liver – PANCREAS – Gallbladder and Pathways Surgery

2. Ministry of Health Quality Control Achievement awards as Chief of the Surgical Clinic.

2018-2022 Prof.Dr. To work at Mardin Artuklu University Health Sciences, to support and contribute to the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. He trained hundreds of assistants as specialists in his entire scientific surgical life; surgical handbook, 3 surgical book chapters, 2 translated chapters, nearly 370 scientific publications and studies, cited publications – Congresses

FRENCH and Medical ENGLISH; One of the Founders of the Emergency Surgery Association, İst.Serrahi Der. Founder, İzmir Surgery Association and National Surgery Association, İzmir Tab.Od.Member

He is married and has 4 children.